Nothing Exists in Isolation – (2/2)

From the human perspective, Existence, whatever there is – both the sensorial and that which are beyond senses (thoughts, feelings, imagination, desires etc) consists of the Known and the Unknown – two domains.

This is true, both at the micro or individual level, as well as at the macro or collective level. Any new discovery, before it reveals itself (or gets revealed), lies in the domain of the Unknown.

There is a transition from the Unknown into the Known as we make new discoveries. But this does not have any impact on the Unknown, which remains Infinite and Omnipresent.

There is a transition also in the opposite direction – from the Known into the Unknown – but this is subtle and often goes unnoticed. This is called vismriti. What was known once, gets lost or goes back into the domain of the Unknown. [Itithas as distinct from history, Archaeology, (good) literature etc may help us rediscover what was once Known].

It is quite possible that what we discover today, in our arrogance, we assume to be a new discovery, but in fact it may have been known earlier and then lost.

Uncertainty is the manifestation of the Unknown into the Known. It is always present, but human beings normally recognise it only when things either go wrong or when something entirely unexpected (in the direction of desirability) happens.

Uncertainty too is omnipresent. Uncertainty is only a subset of the infinite Unknown. Uncertainty is only a manifestation of the Unknown into the Known. If we pay attention, it becomes obvious that the domain of Unknown keeps playing a role in the Unfolding/Happening.

It is the conditioning of the modern mind to perceive the Doing and the Cause of Doing in Isolation, without seeing either the context(s) (there are layers and layers of contexts; the context of the Doing/Unfolding/Happening and the context behind that context and so on), or other connection/inter-dependencies that play a role in the Happening/Unfoldment.

Because of this deep conditioning, we attribute the cause of the Happening only to the individual (or group of individuals) intending or desiring and making the effort. But there is never ever only a single cause to the Unfoldment.

Recognition and Acknowledgement (which follows recognition) of these other factors (over which we have no control) playing a role in the unfoldment, gives rise to gratitude and Faith and true Humility. Non-recognition and non-acknowledgement are due to ignorance, resulting in arrogance.

Human beings are only one of the several causes in (some of) the happening. There are causes, beyond their reach, which also play a role in the happening. Desire to Control is anti-existential, it is false. It is mithya. It is mithya because it is simply Not True. This happens due to ignorance, conditioning, and it gives rise to arrogance. The mistaken belief that one who is attempting/doing is the one who is in control, and he/she is the sole Doer (while ignoring or being completely oblivious to the role played by the Unknown), gives rise to this arrogance, (taking entire credit for the Happening).

Life (the Happening/Unfolding) seems to be like a non-stop Dance of coming together (and moving away), making direct/indirect connections. This is in Continuity, Without A Break, Constantly Happening. As there is no break – the Past is always Connected to the Present and in the Present Everything (sensorial and extra sensorial) is Connected with Everything – directly or indirectly.

And where is all the dance happening? What is the Largest Context (the context of all contexts), in which All this is Happening?

In Space – Omni Present. Surrounding everything. Everything is immersed in It. Everything is embedded by It. This is what connects everything. It is The Primary Cause of Connectivity and Relationship. This connects everything, nothing is in isolation. This encompasses or enfolds both the Known and the Unknown. If this is God…No issues.

(The End)

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