Pre-Launch Video of “Ek Bharat Aisa Bhi”

Dr Harsh Satya holds a PhD on the topic titled ‘Towards Revitalizing Diversity: A Study of the Traditional Jajmāni System in India’ from IIIT Hyderabad. Jajmāni System is an altogether different paradigm on socio economic fronts. While conducting his research, he happened to meet many illuminary personalities and societies in the hinterlands of rural and tribal areas. They were such treasure troves of knowledge and wisdom who are often unnoticed and ignored by the so called main stream systems.

It is also important to note that these were not the random exceptions or happy coincidences that one might come across, but these were rather the evidences of a long lasting tradition and a well thought out system devised for eternal wellbeing of all.

Sneha and Ashutosh also had similar experiences while travelling to distant villages and different societies and communities. They are here to share stories, anecdotes and tales from their expeditions of Bharat. As opposed to the popular stereotypes and hypes created by the mainstream media and at times social media too, Sneha and Ashutosh have restricted to sharing their own experiences only and may invite some more people to join them later on.
Keep watching एक भारत ऐसा भी to know more about the unseen unsung aspects of भारत through interesting and captivating stories.






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